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“Great way to work on injured or sprained areas -SimpleTherapy User, USA“
“This whole experience has been life changing. I've gone without lower back pain for a couple of weeks now. It's been amazing. -SimpleTherapy User, USA“
“I'm so glad I discovered this website. I'm totally motivated to keep going. My goal is to work my way up to where I can start o handle more intense strength training. -Chris K., 53, Las Vegas, NV“
“This therapy is working wonders for me. -SimpleTherapy User, USA“

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Your pain recovery program will be personalized for your individual progress. Here’s what other customers say you can expect:

Pain Decrease

89% of users report a pain decrease! 64% of users report feeling better after just two sessions!

Rapid Improvement

The most rapid improvement is reported with three sessions per week.

Length of Recovery

The typical length of recovery is six to twelve weeks.

Unlimited Access

Many users start with one pain area program and then add more. Once you begin, you have unlimited access!